$1,000 Gift to Honor 35 Years of Service

Today, we honor a familiar face from TS Prosperity Group who recently celebrated a big milestone. Rich Purdy, Fiduciary Officer, VP, recently celebrated 35 years of service! In addition to an individual tenure gift, employees who serve more than 30 years with our company receive $1,000 to donate to a charity of the their choice, a donation that is made in their honor. 

Rich, why did you choose Alzheimers Association? 
I chose the local Alzheimers Association, as Alzheimer’s runs in both sides of my family. My 91-year-old mother is suffering with this disease right now. It is something personal for me and wish to help with curing the disease.

What does it mean to you to have this donated in your honor? 
This gesture on the part of the company is something I appreciate very much. It is a much-welcomed opportunity to donate to such a worthy cause that is striving to find a cure for this disease.

How were you introduced to the company and what has encouraged you to stay over the years? 
Mick and I came to know each other because we shared a common background working for the Southwest Iowa Farm Business Association. I stayed all these years for several reasons, first, it was great to be able to work in Treynor when we were raising our kids, I also liked working with our clients, many of whom were my clients with my prior job, and finally, I was impressed with the way the bank treated our farm clients during the agricultural crisis back in the 80’s. 

What do you love about your job?
I am a Fiduciary Officer with TS Prosperity Group. My job involves working in a wide variety of areas, including: estate administration, trust administration, farm management, financial planning, tax planning and business development. When we are helping clients with their investments, their retirement accounts, their tax matters, etc., these things are important, they are private and they affect people’s lives. When we are involved in administering an estate, it is often one of the most emotional and stressful times there is for the family.  To earn the trust and appreciation of these clients is very rewarding. It’s why I do what I do!

A favorite company quote is the Chinese proverb, “When you drink from the well, remember the well digger.”  From his years of lending with TS Bank, financial consulting as a CPA, to today, it is for certain, many have benefitted from the wealth of knowledge, commitment and friendship of Rich.  Again, a special thank you to Rich for his many years of dedication and service.

Rich's long-time coworker and friend, Gene Young, is also celebrating an important milestone, read about Gene's gift over on the TS Banking Group blog

About TS Prosperity Group: TS Prosperity Group is a combination of fiduciary services and institutional investment management. The Trust Division - which includes fiduciary services - has been in place for 90 years. The institutional investment management team, developed internally over the last ten years, is now under TS Prosperity Group, headquartered in Council Bluffs, Iowa. TS Prosperity Group has $227 million assets under management and is earning national recognition in performance. Joshua M. Guttau is CEO. For more information visit

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