A Discussion on Culture with Castle & Associates

Last week marked the last of a three-part series of round table discussions hosted by TS Prosperity Group and Castle & Associates, American Family Insurance. The series discussions were focused on leadership, networking and culture, held at TS Bank’s downtown location in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with a free lunch provided to all attendees.

Travis Castle, owner of Castle & Associates, led the discussion and asked the group what the word culture means to them. He also explained his views on the subject and played several videos to prompt additional discussion.

One of the videos from the discussion was Brandon Smith, with his Tedx Talk on “Are Emotions Contagious in the Workplace?” Brandon’s passion is to eliminate all workplace dysfunction. Known as “The Workplace Therapist,” Brandon is a leading expert in leadership communication and workplace relationships.

Travis thought there were three clear takeaways from the video:

1. Work does not have to suck.

2. Better leaders and managers positively impact employees, families and communities.

3. Strive to end a negative environment.

The group especially liked the idea of being an “emotional booster shot” to brighten others’ day. View the full talk here


Additionally, Travis gave some of his own advice on connecting with employees. He advised leaders to ask their employees WHO makes them feel important and WHERE do they feel important. Once they have identified these, WHY do these people and places make you feel important? He believes that creating these environments in the workplace will lead to increased engagement. 

Travis shared that there are five important parts of workplace culture:

  • Engagement. Create an environment where your employees feel important.
  • Vision/Value. Share your vision and make sure each employee is valued.
  • Roles. Communicate role descriptions for each employee so they know their role and coworkers’ roles in the company.
  • Standards. Set high standards for how you operate.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you have seen the Castle & Associates team at any local parade, you know that Travis definitely doesn’t take himself too seriously. For example dressing up as Superman, Clark Kent, and weaving in and out of the crowd handing out pies!

Castle & Associates along with the TS Prosperity Group invites you to join the them in 2019 for a similar series. Follow TS Prosperity Group on Facebook or subscribe to their email newsletter to stay up to date with future events.

traviscastlelogoCastle & Associates has four locations in the Omaha MSA, including two located within TS Bank buildings in Council Bluffs and Treynor, Iowa. Learn more about Travis Castle and his company Castle & Associates, American Family Insurance here.

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