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Things you need to know about special needs trusts

Estate plans are not “off the shelf” products. Every will or trust should be individually tailored to meet the circumstances of the person and his/her goals for the disposition of their assets....

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Lessons learned from COVID-19 in estate planning

We are all acutely aware of the seriousness of the Coronavirus, or Covid-19. I have to admit that I was a naysayer early on, not believing that a virus could spread so quickly all over the world...

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10 Common Estate Planning Errors

Wills, executors and life insurance can be a depressing topic, however, it is crucial to have your affairs in order for a time when they might be needed. Below you will find 10 common estate...

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What is a conservatorship and how does it help?

What is a conservatorship?A Conservatorship is established through the courts for someone who is unable to handle his or her own financial affairs. Here are a few reasons why a conservatorship may...

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