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Four generations of Riekens bank with TS Bank

Donna Rieken started banking with Treynor State Bank, now TS Bank, in 1975. The Rieken family is spread across Red Oak, Bellevue and Treynor, and over the last several decades, four generations of...

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A Discussion on Culture with Castle & Associates

Last week marked the last of a three-part series of round table discussions hosted by TS Prosperity Group and Castle & Associates, American Family Insurance. The series discussions were focused on...

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Passion for Genealogy Inspires Braden at Work

Sharon Braden understands the importance of a families’ legacy. She currently works as the Compliance Coordinator for TS Prosperity Group where her passion for serving clients overlays with her...

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Forbush explains why TS Prosperity Group aligns with his personal beliefs and ambitions

TS Banking Group’s marketing director sat down with Cody Forbush, Investment Strategist at TS Prosperity Group, to learn a little bit more about what brought him to TS Prosperity Group.

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New division eager to make more of an impact

The trust department, part of TS Banking Group for years, was rebranded in 2017 and given a new focus and energy. Its new mission is to: manage risk for your greater reward. After assisting many...

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Mentoring has provided young mom with rewarding experience

One day each week for an hour, Krysta Stevens heads to Kirn Middle School instead of heading to work, to meet with her TeamMates mentee, Sarah*.

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