Collins Consulting - FAQ's about our recent relocation

With the recent relocation of our office, we wanted to take this time to answer a few questions that may arise. Please see a few FAQs below. We hope these clear up most questions you may have. Thank you for your continued support. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at 712.487.3853 or email us at

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Has your location changed?
Yes, our new location is 15 E. Main St, Treynor, IA (inside TS Bank) which is .1 miles west of our old location (same side of the road).

Can we still make appointments in the evenings and weekends?
Yes, we will still have the same hours during tax season.

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

How do we find you inside the bank and where do we park?
Entry into the building is through the main entrance (south side of the building). During tax season, we will have a Collins Consulting employee near the front door to greet and assist you with all your tax needs. Before and after tax season, any TS Bank personnel in the lobby will help connect you with the Collins Consulting group, as we are not far from the bank entrance.

Parking for Collins Consulting clients can be found in front of TS Bank and in the parking lots located to the west and north of the bank. You may also park in the parking lot south of the bank (across highway 92) if other parking is not available.

Who can I expect to provide me tax service this season?
The Collins Consulting Team is still your valued tax team! Norm, Justin, Moriah, Lindsay and Paige are excited to assist you in our new location with the same great service.  

I heard Norm is retired and will not be preparing tax returns?
Norm is still actively part of Collins Consulting and will continue to prepare tax returns this tax season and in the foreseeable future. To allow Norm to slow down this season, when possible, we will be having another team member participate in your tax return meeting. This will allow other team members to assist with your individual tax questions during and after tax season.

What about confidentially of your tax returns?
The IRS and banking regulations have strict laws about sharing information. We CANNOT share information between TS Bank (or any bank) without your written authorization. Collins Consulting employees CANNOT access your bank account information and TS Bank employees CANNOT access your tax returns.

What other communications will I be receiving from Collins Consulting Service in the next few months?
We are working on a number of communications relative to the significant tax changes that may affect our clients for 2018. These communications will be hitting your inbox in the next few weeks or months.  With the significant 2018 tax changes, we are planning multiple information notices to clients. We would like to communicate with our clients via email when possible. If you received this notice through the post office, we would greatly appreciate your email address. This will help to save time, postage and trees. Please email and we will update your personal information for the on-going communications you will be receiving from us. That email will not be shared outside Collins Consulting Service. It will be utilized for communicating with our valued clients through this year’s tax season and all the changes in the 2018 tax reforms.  

Norm Colllins

Norman Collins has owned and managed Collins Consulting Service for over 40 years with experience in individual, corporate, partnership, non-profit and estate tax returns along with accounting and payroll. Norm also worked for several years with a large construction company, a bank and a CPA firm, all in Omaha. With these firms, he managed accounting, payroll, sales tax, subcontract, employment and benefits departments. Currently Norm is Treasurer for his church, Vision Treynor Group Inc., and 4 Corners Days Celebration Group, and along with wife, Donna, he organizes Treynor’s annual celebration. In his spare time, Norm enjoys watching his 4 grandchildren in their school activities, watching sports and working in the yard.

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