How to Become a TS Prosperity Group Client

Should you consider contacting the TS Prosperity Group? The answer is yes if you would like to have a risk based financial plan in place that is specifically designed for your family. The first step to begin this process is to call our direct TS Prosperity Group toll free number, 1 (844) 487-3115, Monday through Friday, and set up a Discovery Meeting with our team. Bring a list of your assets, the latest copies of any account and holding statements, copies of your current will if you have one set up, or any other information that would be helpful to discuss at the first meeting.

Our Discovery Meeting team will consist of one or more Fiduciary Officer and several other members of our team whom will be determined as needed from your first phone call. This meeting can be held at one of our several bank locations, your home or wherever you prefer. Our team will listen to your goals for the future, your current strategy in place, and other circumstances that may influence your future. At the end of this meeting, we will have a clearer sense of solutions to put in place, and you will receive a list of necessary items to bring to your next meeting such as, but not limited to, all beneficial owner’s legal names, birthdates and social security numbers; copies of driver’s licenses; copies of the last statements of financial holdings; a list of your current assets; and a list of your beneficiary’s full legal names along with their addresses, birthdates, and social security numbers. Much of this information is required by Federal and State law to open your account and will provide the necessary information for our team to complete your personalized risk based plan. At the conclusion of this meeting, you and our team will have a better understanding of the direction and the necessary steps to take for your future, and a date and location to meet will be set for the next step, the Solution Meeting.

Our Investment Officer and Fiduciary Officer will immediately begin working on your personally designed plan to present to you at the Solutions Meeting. Additional members of our team may be present at this meeting to help present or answer questions on products offered. The necessary forms will be prepared ready for your review, and you will be provided written copies of the requested documentation necessary to complete the opening account process at this time.

After all questions are answered, required documentation is received, and the necessary signatures on forms have been completed, the account documentation is given to our Operation’s team to open and service your account. Going forward, the TS Prosperity Group will work together with one goal in mind to give you, our customer, the best service possible. You will have the support and expertise of the Fiduciary Officer, the Investment Officer, and the Operations team for questions and solutions to situations that may arise.

Fiduciary Officers are the relationship managers for our accounts. They administer and manage the trust, estate, conservatorship, IRA and agency accounts and ensure that account administration is in compliance with the controlling legal agreement plus Federal and State laws. Fiduciary Officers also assist the Investment Officers as a subject matter expert in dealing with financial, tax, and legal issues. They work with the client’s lawyers and tax advisors and do not assume that role themselves.

Investment Officers use the many products and services offered by our TS Prosperity Group to design your personalized account strategy. This includes consultative services dealing with financial, retirement, and estate planning for prospective clients and ongoing consulting services for our TS Prosperity Group clients.

Operations is responsible for keeping the assets in balance for our valued clients. TS Prosperity Group Operations is expected to keep the account information up to date; trades, wires, bills paid, deposits posted, fees calculated and collected, print and mail quarterly and year-end statements to customers, file all transaction documentation and all legal documentation. We are the trusted keepers of the files and balances for our client’s accounts.

Currently I am serving as Compliance Coordinator within the TS Prosperity Group. I have proudly been a part of different aspects on the Operation’s team for more than eight years. The Operation’s team often has the opportunity to visit directly with our customers. I have enjoyed working within this department as much as any other job I have held. It is a pleasure to know we are assisting our clients with one of the most important choices our clients will ever make, long-term financial stability. It is my pleasure to assist our current customers and I look forward to working with new clients in the future.

Are you ready to sleep better knowing your prosperity is protected and will be there for the next generation? Contact TS Prosperity Group today at 1 (844) 487-3115 or We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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