Performing a Portfolio Analysis Solution

If an investor is equipped to know the expected return, standard deviation, and downside risk of an investment or portfolio of investments, they have the ability to make much more intelligent investment decisions. Instead of asking “Why would a person adopt a three-dimensional approach?” the better question is “Why wouldn’t they?” Why would you only observe one dimension or two, when you could observe three?

The approach of using these three diagnostics in conjunction with each other should be a standard practice throughout the investment industry. Yet, downside risk modeling remains limited to a select handful of investment analytics firms, few of which actually bear the accountability of managing investment portfolios. In comparison to return, the consideration heeded to investment risk is unjustifiably small.

This is where TS Prosperity Group is a differentiator. TS Prosperity Group is in the small minority of firms who:

  1. Offers accurate risk and return diagnostics across a wide range of investments
  2. Offers investment portfolio solutions that are optimized based upon these diagnostics across stocks, bonds, and alternative investments
  3. Operates in a fiduciary capacity where it is motivated by moral principles and legal obligation to always put clients’ best interest ahead of the interests of the company.

For an in-depth look on this subject, download our white paper on Three-Dimensional Investments, click below to download!

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