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Nonprofits: Implementing a Planned Giving Program

Earlier this month, TS Community Foundation (now an affiliate of Pottawattamie County Community Foundation) hosted an event called Impacting Nonprofits: Investing for Progress in Treynor, Iowa at...

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Five ways to utilize your tax refund that your future self will thank you for

You’ve filed your taxes and the return just hit your bank account. Now what?

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2018 Fourth Quarter Update


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Performing a Portfolio Analysis Solution

If an investor is equipped to know the expected return, standard deviation, and downside risk of an investment or portfolio of investments, they have the ability to make much more intelligent...

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The alternative to hidden investment fees

In the first three installments of this blog series on Hidden Fees, we covered advisor fees, mutual fund fees, and performance fees. After reviewing the different types of hidden fees, it raises...

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The Third Investment Dimension - Downside Risk

If you missed the explanation of the first two dimensions of of three-dimensional investment risks, you can read about the first dimension - return - here, and the second dimension - standard...

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2018 Third Quarter Update

CAPITAL MARKETS SUMMARYInvestors across all sectors continue to remain on edge after another volatile quarter comes to a close. Several factors have contributed to the perceived skittishness,...

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What exactly is an investment performance fee?

Investment advice is already complex enough to many, so adding a discussion on fees can make heads spin for the everyday investor. While there should be disclosures explaining your fees, you may...

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The Second Investment Dimension - Standard Deviation

The mostly commonly used dimension of investment analysis is one everyone is familiar with: return on investment. This answers the question: “How much did I receive in compensation for the risk I...

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Why a fiduciary can help your family’s long-term financial prosperity

The word fiduciary has been thrown around a lot lately in regards to investments. What does it mean to be a fiduciary for someone’s investments and why is it important to understand what that...

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